established in 1985

We at The Pines by Femi Cares pride ourselves on our unparalleled experience dedicated to the development, operation, care, and management of our residents. Our goal is to create exceptional senior living environments; where older adults can continue to enjoy their lives to the fullest and age with dignity.

Large unit economics are compelling but they leave much to be desired when it comes down to the can have a facility that is grande and looks like a cruise ship but what good is it if the care is not up to par? Having 80, 120, 150 beds is great for the bottom line since it tremendously reduces fixed costs, however, it is impossible to administer very high quality individualized care when you have that many beds….”  - Rahim Samji, CEO

Rahim currently serves as the CEO and Chairman of the board for Femi Cares and lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Saniya.

“Everything is focused around the resident's individualized care plan to ensure an optimal quality of life through the aging process as no two people age the same.” Lauren Drake Spratlin, Executive Director, Pines Senior Living

Upon entering each of these facilities, one of the first things noticed is the feeling

of being home. All meals are prepared from scratch by each facilities chef, every

single day there are engaging activities, and most important is the environment

itself. The atmosphere has the feeling of a private home, not a senior center. The

bedrooms house each resident’s personal furniture (although that can be

provided) and the housekeeping staff helps keep the rooms in pristine shape,

giving the residents more time to enjoy the provided daily activities.